Thursday, August 20, 2015

Michelle Obama To Run For President?

If the speculation is right, it's really a signal that Barack Obama is going to try for a third term, and if this stunt fails, what else is he willing to do to stay in the Oval Office? ...

(WND) On the GOP side, there’s a long list of experienced politicians with long lists of accomplishments to their names seeking the presidency – senior governors, senators and statesmen – and they’re all trailing Donald Trump, a shoot-from-the-hip billionaire with a knack for saying what many people across the country are feeling.

And on the Democrat side, there’s surging support for a self-avowed socialist who is challenging Hillary Clinton, who thought she was the anointed candidate in 2008, only to be knocked off her pedestal by upstart Barack Obama. She considers herself anointed now, but finds her support fading quickly.

So how about the gauntlet being thrown down by... Michelle Obama? There already are some commenting on the idea....

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