Sunday, August 2, 2015

Message To The Political Elite: Trump Gets It, You Don't

Let me explain to political experts and analysts who are trapped in that "D.C. bubble" why it is that, despite many comments by Trump that they consider to be deal- killers for him, he remains at the top of most polls going into next week's Fox News debate among the GOP hopefuls...

(GOPUSA) Trump's lead has Republican "big deals" upset. They view his tough rhetoric to be that of a rogue candidate who will "turn off" groups that they have targeted in their attempts to cobble together a presidential victory in November 2016. Trump during his maiden speech as a candidate said that when Mexico sends its people our way, they're not sending their best, that they are instead sending people with lots of problems; people who are bringing in illegal drugs and that have criminal records.

The press and the PC police in the GOP went crazy. Their dream of winning Latino votes in 2016 seemed to be melting around them. They immediately called on Trump to back off on his statements. He didn't, and to their surprise he rose to the top of many surveys of voters in this '16 free-for-all fight for the nomination.

Yes, McCain is a hero, but that great service has been honored many times over many years. And the voters who thought McCain was a weak candidate against Barack Obama and an unpredictable elitist in the Senate have sided with Trump...

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