Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Famous Actress Abandons The Democrat Party

The Hollywood Left is starting to abandon Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party like rats on a sinking ship. Here's the latest defection...

(WND) Hollywood A-lister Kirstie Alley, a self-described Democrat, took to Twitter to announce she’s not voting this time around for the “party that starts with the letters D–E–M.”

The actress, best known for her portrayal of Rebecca Howe from 1987 to 1993 on the TV sitcom "Cheers," for which she was honored with an Emmy and a Golden Globe, didn't explain exactly why, but she has suggested in the past the media seems unfairly in the tank for the Democrats.

Her tweets started with this one, the Blaze reported: "I know who I’m voting for... and I know who I want them to choose for Vice President... Got this all planned out. Sooooooo."...

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