Monday, August 10, 2015

Boehner-McConnell Start To Tap Dance Over Planned Parenthood Funding

The more things change, the more they stay the same. As Democrats give full-throated support to barbarism, our great and enlightened leaders perform the Washington two-step...

(GOPUSA) After beginning with tough talk against Planned Parenthood following the first surge of videos to hit the Internet exposing the abortion giant’s selling of aborted babies’ body parts, McConnell and Boehner’s leadership to defund the troubled healthcare provider is questionable — at best.

Adding to conservatives’ unrest over the seriousness of Republican leaders to hold Planned Parenthood accountable, Boehner refused to announce this week whether he will schedule a vote to cut off funds to the Obama-supported healthcare group — or if he will move to block any legislation that funds it.

Concerns continued to escalate after McConnell was placed in a position where he could have easily attached the defunding of Planned Parenthood to a Senate transportation bill, but ended up blocking it — to the dismay of many pro-life advocates.

Confirming many conservative skeptics’ doubts, both Boehner and McConnell are declining opportunities to go on record declaring that Planned Parenthood will not get a single penny of taxpayer dollars, even if it means shutting the government down to accomplish the goal...

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