Monday, July 13, 2015

Plot: States Planning Rebellion Against 'Gay Mariage' Ruling

It may look like lawyers doing normal court filings, but this legal team is laying the groundwork for a state rebellion against the U.S. Supreme Court and its same-sex marriage ruling. And there's a 157-year-old precedent for the plan they're hatching...

(WND) The Alabama Supreme Court is being urged to consider the damage done to states and the Constitution by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent creation of “same-sex marriage” before it determines how the ruling applies in the state.

Liberty Counsel, in a brief on behalf of several family groups, contends there are four significant injuries occurring.

And the brief argues there is precedent in the U.S. for a state Supreme Court to reject a “U.S. Supreme Court mandate which is unlawful.”

Alabama has been a flashpoint for the marriage fight. When a federal judge ordered the state to impose same-sex marriage, the state Supreme Court refused, arguing it’s own interpretation of the Constitution was just as valid...

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