Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Liberal Racism Alert: Google Identifies Black People As Gorillas

Don't hold your breath waiting for The Rev. Al Charlatan to go after Google...

(CBS-Sacramento) Google was forced to apologize after its Photosprogram identified two black users as "gorillas."

Jacky Alcine, 21, of Brooklyn checked his Google Photos account Sunday and found that the program had automatically generated and labeled a folder titled “Gorillas” for a photo of himself and a friend taken in 2013, Yahoo Tech reports.

The Google Photos image recognition software is intended to identify a photo and automatically file photos into groups with similar images – a photo of a tree would automatically be placed in a folder filled with other photos of trees.

But the software showed a glitch Sunday, prompting Google to apologize for placing the black friends into an automatically generated "gorillas" folder...

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