Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Illegal Alien Democrat Presidential Town Hall

And why should an illegal alien be barred from hosting a major Town Hall event for Democratic candidates, we're only shocked that the GOP hasn't done it yet...

(Breitbart) One of the highest-profile panels of NetRoots Nation, an annual confab of left-wing activists and bloggers, was a "Presidential Town Hall," featuring Democrat candidates Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. The panel was moderated by Filipino citizen, journalist, and illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas.

Even in 2015, it would perhaps seem odd to have a foreign national moderate a discussion between two candidates for the U.S. Presidency. These are not fringe candidates, mind you, but statewide officeholders who have a plausible claim to be the nominee for the Democrat party.

One can only imagine the hand-wringing were a foreign journalist like Britain’s Piers Morgan to assume a similar role. Journalist Vargas is more than a Philippine citizen, however. He is, euphemistically, an "undocumented immigrant." That’s to say, an illegal immigrant. Vargas become a media-darling with a personal essay in New York Magazine four years ago, detailing his life as a foreign national, living in the U.S. as an American citizen...

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