Monday, July 20, 2015

Gay Man Fathers 10 Children With 9 Different Women

He's had a busy year...

(Telegraph) Kenzie Kilpatrick has had a busy year. Over the course of the past 13 months, the 26-year-old from Birmingham has donated his sperm to nine women. He says he is now the father of seven children (two girls and five boys – including a set of twins), with another three women expected to give birth to his offspring in the next month.

The children are the result of Mr Kilpatrick's decision to create a Facebook page last summer advertising his services as a "drama free UK sperm donor".

After being contacted by the women – the majority of whom are in a lesbian relationship – Mr Kilpatrick arranged to meet them at their homes or in a hotel room. He would then produce a sperm sample, to be artificially inseminated using a syringe in private...

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