Friday, July 10, 2015

Era Of Civil Disobedience Upon Us

Hey there you 1960s flower children.  Move over and take a seat. This political pundit claims a wave of civil disobedience from the right is about to hit this country and it will be like nothing we can imagine...

(WND) [Gov. Mary Fallin’s] action seems a harbinger of what is to come in America – an era of civil disobedience like the 1960s, where court orders are defied and laws ignored in the name of conscience and a higher law.

Only this time, the rebellion is likely to arise from the right.

Certainly, Americans are no strangers to lawbreaking. What else was our revolution but a rebellion to overthrow the centuries-old rule and law of king and parliament, and establish our own?

U.S. Supreme Court decisions have been defied and those who defied them lionized by modernity. Thomas Jefferson freed all imprisoned under the sedition act, including those convicted in court trials presided over by Supreme Court justices. Jefferson then declared the law dead...

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