Friday, July 17, 2015

Company Buying Aborted Baby Body Parts From Planned Parenthood Takes Down Web Site

Wait a minute? Were we not told that this website didn't exist? So why is the company that runs the website taking it down?...

(LifeNews) Planned Parenthood has a dilemma on their hands: the Center for Medical Progress has released a video of their top doctor, Deborah Nucatola, discussing their negotiations with a business called Stem Express that purchases aborted babies’ body parts for experimentation.

As LifeNews reported, Dr. Nucatola tells actors posing as buyers from a human biologics company that Planned Parenthood charges per-specimen for baby body parts and is aware of their own liability for doing so. Unbelievably, she also explains that some body parts, such as livers and heads, are much more popular and go for a higher price than other specimen.

Of course, Planned Parenthood was quick to defend their abortion business and said their activities are completely legitimate because sometimes their patients want to donate fetal tissue to scientific research...

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