Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trump Matters... What The Political Elites Do Not Understand

It doesn't matter whether you love him or hate him (and personally, we're among the latter), the bottom line is that The Trumpster will have a major impact on this political campaign; but what is really scary is that as the pundits all rolled their eyes over his campaign announcement, it became painfully clear that the political class just doesn't get it. A few do understand what is driving Trump's appeal and Erick Erickson made some very valid points...

(Erick Erickson) A friend works for a radio personality who will go nameless. The radio personality has been, off air, a person of deep faith and a listener of problems. But as the personality’s radio career has grown and with it an on air personality that is best known for pointed, direct, and unvarnished advice to callers, so too has the off air personality grown that way.

The friend told me that now the mild mannered person of faith no longer really listens, but interjects advice into conversations and comes across off air like the on air personality. What had been a different person off the airwaves was now the caricature of the on air personality.

Donald Trump strikes me in the same way. Though I enjoyed the spectacle of his 2012 "campaign," Donald Trump comes across as a personality, not a person. His negatives within the GOP are massive. Even people perceived as establishmentarians like Jeb Bush have higher positives with the base. His advisers and he directly did himself a disservice by playing for bombast and not statesman...

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