Thursday, June 11, 2015

Social Security Overpaid Half The People Getting Disability

To the tune of 17 billion dollars... gross incompetence or is the Obama Regime wasting taxpayer money on purpose?...

(AP) Social Security overpaid nearly half the people receiving disability benefits over the past decade, according to a government watchdog, raising questions about the management of the cash-strapped program.

In all, Social Security overpaid beneficiaries by nearly $17 billion, according to a 10-year study by the agency's inspector general.

Many payments went to people who earned too much money to qualify for benefits, or to those no longer disabled. Payments also went to people who had died or were in prison...

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  1. Are you sure he's not joking??? This is SO unlike Paul Ryan !!!!

  2. I don't understand either. After these "news sites" (any side) misquote, opine, and insert their unbiased perspective, we're left to find the actual statements in the Congressional Record.

    It's a tactic. Misdirection. Taught in the Saul Alinski School of Responsible Journalism,

  3. "They" want you to believe he's become a RINO. Who are "they"?

    We all need to see actual comments and voting records and not let some "unbiased" news source cloud our minds.

    But hey! Pelosi called it. Vote first, read later (maybe never.) We do the same when we form "RINO" opinions based on tripe. (Secret pork barrel reference)

    IMO any Republican that's not morphed into a RINO is castigated and never sees the floor or committee again.

  4. Reverend Joe RuyleJune 11, 2015 at 1:31 PM

    Just a test question for Mr. Ryan. The document is secret..... even you guys cannot see it without jumping through obama hoops..... that SHOULD tell you everything you need to know right there. Instead we're back to the asylum where the inmates are telling everyone that we first have to pass, and be subject to, the bill.... BEFORE we can know what's inside. So the question, Mr. Ryan, is this: Knowing how power mad obama is and how much he hates ALL opposition....... what if there is a single sentence buried in there that appoints him El Presidente for life and orders all his political opposition executed? Still a good idea to pass it first and find out what's in it later???

    Let me help you out...... not only no.... but HELL NO!!! Pretend for a few minutes that you've got a pair and shoot this turkey down in flames. If he wants it considered then the ENTIRE bill needs to be made public and available for a minimum of 6 months for review and comment by We, the People. I'd then require a referendum by the states with a 3/4 majority required just to be put on the docket for a vote by congress.

  5. Paul, you are using Pigosi's line. You can't be that stupid!

  6. You are right, they should vote no simply to let Odumbo know he can't get away with this $h!p.

  7. Paul Ryan is a pimp for the Washington elitists and the New World Order. Americans have had enough of secret, big government deals. The good people of Wisconsin should give this guy the boot.

  8. Any legislator that votes for this crud without knowing what is in it is an idiot and should be voted out ASAP! We had enough of this garbage from the dems on obamacare, and we elected those GOP members that we thought were more intelligent than go ahead and prove us wrong. We will be watching and keeping score. We will get even at the ballot box!

  9. Congrats, "Rusty Not"-it's refreshing to find someone from either side of the debate who doesn't ask "Who is Saul Alinsky"? One of the truly dangerous radicals of the 60's, that's who! Not to mention a highly-influential mentor to both Obama and Hillary, who had the then-novel idea that violent revolution wouldn't work, and that radicals should become "respectable" and work within "the system" in order to accomplish their ultimate aim of destroying that system.

  10. Shucks! I even see (hear) a number of Fox News commentators (there's a word) mention ol' Saul.


  11. FYI, Rusty-an excellent book that gives concise background on Alinsky and other radicals like Bill Ayers(also a good friend of our esteemed Chief Executive, but best known for several terrorist bombings, most notably at the Pentagon in 1972) is Dinesh D'Souza's "America", subtitled "Imagine a World Without Her", which also details the many contributions our nation has made to the world and to its citizens. Mr. D'Souza goes into great detail about the influence Alinsky and his socialist cronies had on the so-called "progressive movement" in the US.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche