Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Russian Planes Buzz U.S. Warship

Vladimir Putin is getting an itchy trigger finger, but he's blaming this recent provocation on the United States...

(Inquistr) A US warship, the USS Ross, was buzzed by Russian military aircraft in the Black Sea. The Russian planes were “acting aggressively” on Saturday when they were scrambled to head off the American ship, state news agency RIA maintains. The Pentagon has denied the occurrence of any “unusual behavior.”

An anonymous Russian military source in Crimea said that the USS Ross, a guided missile destroyer, was moving along the edge of territorial waters controlled by Russia, the RIA report claims.

"The crew of the ship acted provocatively and aggressively, which concerned the operators of monitoring stations and ships of the Black Sea Fleet," the Russian military source reportedly added. "Su-24 attack aircraft demonstrated to the American crew readiness to harshly prevent a violation of the frontier and to defend the interests of the country."...

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