Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hooters Opens Topless Restaurant

The eatery that knows no shame has pushed the envelope a step further but it's not entirely what you might be thinking...

(Inquistr) In the first of its kind, an all-male Hooters-style restaurant opened in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend. Tallywackers is the newest eatery in the Lone Star State, which features men dressed in skimpy attire just like the famous Hooters babes.

And here’s a twist that also sets itself apart from the popular wing franchise: diners have their choice of male waiters to serve them, according to a Daily Mail report.

On Sunday, the uptown joint opened to throngs of visitors eager to be among the first to get ganders of buff hunks strutting around with trays, order pads, smiles, and little else other than barely-there tops and matching shorts. And by most accounts, the male version of Hooters opened with a bang...

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