Monday, June 1, 2015

Fox News Host Shills For Gay Mafia

According to this Fox News host, the delusional concept that two men can actually marry is a "conservative" value and conservatives can beat the political left by embracing the concept... no kidding... this guy is actually serious... wait until you read what he said...

(WND) Fox News host Greg Gutfeld had some startling comments for supporters of traditional marriage during a panel appearance on "The Five."

Arguing that conservatives need to use homosexual marriage "against the left," Gutfeld said: "Gay marriage, in my opinion, is a conservative idea. The left generally hates traditions. It’s all about breaking with traditions, and in this case it's embracing a tradition, one that stabilizes a community, one that is valuable for families. Why would you exclude that from a group of people who are born that way?"

Gutfeld expanded his critique to the traditional religious teaching of marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

"If they are born that way, the idea that you are saying that you cannot be part of this, that's an exclusive belief! As somebody who is not religious, who has been but not [now], I was under the impression that faith should be inclusive."...

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