Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Catholic Hollywood Star Attacks Catholic Church Over So-Called 'Gay-Marriage'

We know... no need to say it... what else is new? ... Perhaps the question we should be asking is what does the Church plan to do about famous Catholics who publicly rebuke Church teachings...

(Inquistr) Actor Colin Farrell is going after the Catholic Church, saying that they didn’t handle gay marriage legalization in the right way. He discusses the narrative the church was taking on when gay marriage was legalized in Ireland.

According to E!, the actor said, “It was really funny because one of the arguments when the vote went through was that the church came out and said, ‘You know, this was a dark day for Ireland,’ and all you could see was literally rainbows everywhere, posters of rainbows, T-shirts of rainbows, men and women hugging, men and men hugging, women and women hugging.”

He continued to paint the stark difference between the Catholic Church and what was happening in real time...

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