Friday, June 5, 2015

ABC Family Proselytizes 'Transgenderism' To Children

The Barons of Bilge in the media probably think it's progressive... we say, it's child abuse, plain and simple...

(ABC-7) According to ABC Family: "Ben, from Evanston, Ill. is your typical 17-year-old. He goes to school, hangs out with his girlfriend, and enjoys spending time with his family. But there’s something unique about Ben’s situation: His father is becoming a woman."

"Ben and his father are the subject of the new ABC Family docuseries Becoming Us. From Ryan Seacrest Productions, Becoming Us centers on Ben, who watches as his dad Charlie divorces his mom and begins the gender transition into Carly, a woman.

But the series will also focus on Ben's girlfriend Danielle, whose father is also undergoing a gender transition.

"'I want to be able to provide guidance for kids who are going through it,' Ben told People. 'Maybe this will help them being able to deal with it.'"...

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