Wednesday, May 20, 2015

[Video] Congresswoman Claims Global Warming Will Force Women To Trade Sex For Food

But this Democrat Congresswoman isn't just talking idiocy. She's just introduced House Concurrent Resolution 29 based on the idiotic premise that women will eventually be forced to trade sexual favors for food to feed their families...

Democrat Barbara Lee introduced her resolution and essentially said that the unique forces that a global climate change will bring about will make women especially vulnerable and Lee urges that "gender sensitive" vocabulary be used when determining policies to deal with climate change.

The congresswoman also feels that the policy makers should defer to the women that are not better represented when these types of policies are drafted. She feels that these women are the best resource for the House to go to in order to understand their unique situations and feelings on the topic.

During the course of drafting this resolution, Lee urged the House to consider the specific factors that put these women at risk. Many are stated as being forced into early marriages, having transactional sex, or being forced into selling their bodies in order to get the basic daily needs we all take for granted.

Lee feels that these are important factors, when coupled with a climate that would essentially deplete the environment from being able to sustain the families that exist in it.

Food and water would become scarce and the only individuals who would have such would be those who could afford exceptional prices.

In generating climate change policies the House was urged by Lee to consider what would happen to these individuals who are already struggling to make ends meet. These individuals would be left with no good choices. They would be forced to sell off their only asset in order to feed their children and care for their families.

The asset she speaks of would be their bodies. Lee also claims that other 'health considerations' need to be taken into consideration. She claims HIV, STD's, and other afflictions will increase and many women would be saddled with unwanted pregnancies which would put an undue strain on already scarce resources, but Lee feels that with research and planning the sale of sex for survival does not have to be in the imminent future for poorer women.


  1. Women have never traded sex for Food, Housing, Fancy cars, Money.
    Or maybe a congressional seat?

  2. Barbara Lee is a nut. How do these people think up such crazy ideas?

  3. Another female democRAT....."STUCK on STUPID"!!!!!!

  4. Who in the HELL elects these people ?that's almost as the Congressman who said too many peeps on the floating island would tip turn over -D Henry C. "Hank" Johnson Jr at his best --

  5. Man-made global warming is a political hoax- a scam . Get a kindle book that gives the real story behind this nonsense. Available on Amazon "Vapor Tiger by Adrian Vance"

  6. "Gender sensitive policies" as pertaining to climate change? Does SHE even know what the heck she is talking about? Doubt it.

  7. She is NOT stupid KathiB. She is a full blown COMMUNIST. Promoting the COMMUNIST AGENDA. We need to start calling these DEVILS what they are !


Posted By: Chris Carmouche