Monday, May 18, 2015

Marriage Contract Demands ISIS Brides Should Have The Right To Be A Suicide Bomber

Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and conduct suicide bombings against the infidel? ...

(Inquistr) An ISIS marriage certificate, initiated by a Daesh bride, requests that she be allowed to carry out a “martyrdom operation” or suicide mission, including a suicide bombing, if the ISIS leader is in approval of her request.

Chief international correspondent for Al-Rai Media, Elijah Magnier, offered the following explanation about the marriage certificate to the Independent.

"A woman [living under Isis] has the right to put conditions to accept the marriage. This woman’s condition was that her husband won’t deny her wish to carry a suicide attack, if Amir al Mo’mineen (Baghdadi) accepts her (previous) demand."

Magnier adds, "She is probably very young and enthusiastic. Her demand to be a 'martyr' may have been formulated in an earlier one before her acceptance of a marriage offer. So she kept her ‘desire to be a martyr’ standing and wanted to see it registered."...

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