Tuesday, May 26, 2015

IRS Hacked... Records From 100,000 Taxpayers Stolen

And we can think of no better reason to abolish the IRS today...

(Washington Times) Thieves managed to steal information on more than 100,000 taxpayers from the IRS, Commissioner John Koskinen said Tuesday — though he insisted the breach didn’t affect most average taxpayers and the information they file in their annual returns.

Thousands of fraudulent returns were filed under the attack, and final details about the amount the criminals stole is not available, though Mr. Koskinen predicted it will be less than $50 million.

"This is not a security breach. Our basic information is secure," Mr. Koskinen insisted in a call with reporters to discuss the theft, which he said came from online access by fraudsters, who he described as part of an organized crime syndicate.

The IRS is sending out notices to those they have determined were affected by the breach, and has opened a criminal investigation into the operation...

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  1. Save all this trouble and remove Treasonist Obama - then block Hillary or anyone else who moves in this direction from occupying the white House!

  2. "This is not a security breach"...

    ...need I say more?

  3. What next with the IRS. They act like 50 Million dollars is no big deal. This administration is so crooked doing harm to this nation they just dont have time to do the jobs we pay them for.

  4. It was one of those three guys that targeted the conservatives, 'cuz everyone knows this bunch of a$$holes never does anything wrong! Yeah, and I am 21 again with the body of a young Loni Anderson! Tell them to look among the illegals they hire to fill the government jobs!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche