Monday, May 4, 2015

Glenn Beck: The Left's Diabolical Plan To Close Down America's Churches

Beck warns us that "persecution is coming" and if the left succeeds with this plan, half of America's churches will close their doors in the near and foreseeable future...

(NewsMax) Beck, who has long railed against government involvement in marriage, predicted that an affirmative decision from the court would force churches to shut down — or see their memberships plunge because people will stop attending due to the pressure to marry gays and lesbians.

"What does your church do if they are currently saying, 'No, we aren’t going to marry same-sex couples.' What happens?" Beck asked. "They lose their tax-exempt status and a lot of them will fall away.

In addition, "the stigma of going to church will be too much," Beck said, and Americans would not want to risk losing their jobs, livelihoods, or reputations, the Blaze reports.

"Persecution is coming," he later added. "If this goes through, persecution is coming. I mean serious persecution. Mark my words...

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  1. There are two sayings my wife and I like. Would you rather be right or happy? Mine is Would you rather set with them in Church or Hell with them. Christ will be the final judge of them.

  2. I am a Christian. Tye lord Jesus is my Savior, and I will never deny him before men. Am I sinless? Nope. But his Grace saved me. Do I believe that gays can marry? Not in front or with the God Of Abrham. I don't push me beliefs on them. Why must they push their beliefs down my throat? They also twist the scriptures. Only one being does that, te Father Of All Lies. If you have ever read the Gospels, all four of them, how many times dd the Lord Jesus cast out evil spirits from people and set them free.? In every Gospel there is mention of this, and on in the new testament. Have you ever had the though, (not you gay folks), but you others who go to church, that being Gay is not a birth thing, it is a evil spirit thing? Like mentioned in the new Testament?

  3. Donna C. HeitkoetterMay 5, 2015 at 4:37 AM

    He's a good one. I always listened to his words of wisdon.

  4. Donna C. HeitkoetterMay 5, 2015 at 4:45 AM

    It seems to me everything being done in America is going to lead to her demise.

  5. Re: "it would appear that more information is going to come to light very soon... "

    Well, a year has passed, and no more information has come to light, and there have not even been calls for an investigation of Obama;'s place of birth or whether what the literary agent wrote was a mistake (it was) in the US Congress. That is because the article on this page is false, and the literary agent has admitted to making a mistake, and she really did make a mistake, mixing up Obama's father (Barack Hussein Obama I), who really was born in Kenya, with Obama himself who really was born in Hawaii.

  6. Well we can only hope and pray the supreme court don't make this a mandate. It goes against a couple thousand years, and it was God that established marriage not man.
    And so man shouldn't put it asunder(RIP APART) Not even the supreme court should be able to do such a thing.

  7. Reverend Joe RuyleMay 5, 2015 at 3:03 PM

    Except for the same sex marriage issue almost the exact same thing happened in Russia over 100 years ago. Lenin and Stalin both wanted the state to be worshiped above all things.... and as a result there was NO room for God in their version of Russia. In minor demonstrations of the power of the state children in school were given two identical plants. One was placed in an enclosure and the children were ordered to pray for it to grow and bloom. The other plant was left in the open and then fertilized and watered by the teacher.... who represented the state. Of course the plant that got no water withered and died and the "lesson" was that the state cares more than God.

    In more severe lessons the army would go into a town and take twenty men and divide them in half. The rest of the village was ordered to pray to God for their salvation. After 20 or 30 minutes ten of the men were all machine gunned to death. Then the town was ordered to pray to Stalin to save the last 10.... all the while the troops were making their guns ready for more killing. At the last minute a phone would ring and an officer would announce that it was Stalin himself.... and these men were to be spared! Lesson.... Stalin has the power of life and death and can save men when even God cannot.

    Ultimately the church went underground to survive. The sacraments were wrapped, boxed and buried in secret locations known to but a few. It existed that way until Gorbachev and glasnost. I doubt we'll have the shootings here but clearly the church is under assault by the same government that is sworn to preserve religious freedom. Even if the buildings are forced to close via state persecution..... the "church" will survive because the church isn't a building. It's the believers. Just as patriots have faith in the country and NOT the current government believers have their faith in Jesus, the Father & Holy Spirit and not some structure of man's creation.

  8. Why the frack do they need to marry it is stupid


Posted By: Chris Carmouche