Sunday, May 10, 2015

Drought Update: California Sprinklers Watering Freeway Hillsides In The Rain

At a time when people in California are being subjected to the prospect of draconian fines when the government deems they are using too much water, a California state gency was caught watering hillsides along the freeway in the rain...

(CBSLA) Cellphone video taken Friday captured images of California Department of Transportation sprinklers going full blast along a freeway while a light rain fell and after a night of showers.

The watering of hillsides along the 101 Freeway and Barham Boulevard in Universal City comes at a time when Californians have been deluged with pleas to save water during the historic drought. It also comes at a time when freeway message boards warn motorists of the drought, stating "Severe Drought. Limit Outdoor Watering."

"There are a number of reasons why we have to water our vegetation in Los Angeles, a lot of places where the vegetation actually provides erosion control," Patrick Chandler, a spokesperson of Caltrans, told KCAL9’s Dave Bryan. "We have to have erosion control there or the vegetation to hold them in place." ...

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