Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Twitter-Verse Is Mocking Hillary's Presidential Announcement

The liberal pundits and political elites will tell you that 'Everyone Loves Hillary' (sounds like the title for a televisions show, doesn't it?) but people are speaking out loud and clear on Twitter and it's not pretty. Will Hillary be the first presidential candidate brought down by Twitter? See for yourself...

(Daily Caller) When news broke that Hillary Clinton was going to use “new media” to announce her 2016 presidential bid, the Twitterverse frenzy began.

While there was some excitement about the pending announcement, many people took the opportunity to have some fun at the former First Lady, former senator and former secretary of state’s expense.

The hashtag “#HillarysBigAnnouncement” was born, and the comedy flowed.

Some mocked, others speculated that her “big announcement” might not have to do with a presidential run after all. ...

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