Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Republicans Advance Plans To Save ObamaCare

By NewsMax

Congressional Republicans are considering plans that could allow Americans to temporarily keep their ObamaCare policies and subsidies, even if the Supreme Court strikes down those subsidies in June...

There are already more than a half-dozen competing plans under discussion in response to the King v. Burwell case, which will determine if people who buy coverage on the federal healthcare exchange are entitled to subsidies, reports The Hill.

The plaintiffs in the landmark case say people who get subsidies through the federal exchange are getting them illegally, as the Affordable Care Act says that such aid is available only through state-established healthcare exchanges. But the Obama administration is arguing that when the bill passed, Congress intended for the subsidies to help everyone who enrolls in the program...

Republicans hope to have just one plan in place when the Supreme Court makes its final ruling in June, reports The Hill, and that plan could make or break GOP candidates in the 2016 election. More than 7.5 million people could lose the subsidies they need to finance their healthcare plans, and people in the red states are expected to be hit particularly hard...

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