Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Poll Shows Cruz Surging, Now A Frontrunner

Of course, even the center-right Daily Caller refuses to see the handwriting on the wall and editorializes that Cruz's surge is a "flavor of the month" anomaly... they'll eventually clue to what is happening...

(Daily Caller) Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has surged to the top tier of Republicans running for president following his official entrance into the race last week, according to a new national poll conducted by Public Policy Polling.

The poll, which surveyed 443 Republican primary voters across the country from March 26-31, still shows Cruz trailing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush among Republicans across the country.

Cruz’s 16 percent in the poll is up from 5 percent since last month, the pollsters noted. "This contest is starting to bear some resemblance to the 2012 Republican nomination fight," said Dean Debnam, the president of Public Policy Polling ...

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  1. Seriously ,this country would be a lot better off with Ted Cruz , than with Obama or Hillary . Those two have proven ,they can't be trusted .

  2. Valerie Jarrett wants this deal more than Obama does . She been working on this for 20 years . Since see started Obama very first Political career . This means everything her , because she was Born in IRAN ,lived there all of her life . Her family works for the Iranian Government . This is what Obama owes Valerie Jarrett . Iran paid for his elections and campaign .

  3. The Only people who wipe their server clean ,have something criminal to hide . That means for those Liberals that don't understand . She is guilty of Felony's . But if she sent e-mails someone else has copies . It is a matter of time before we find them .

  4. We are at odds with our Bishop over Gay unions ,within our Church . Because we are a Conservative church , and the leadership is wrong .

  5. This just goes to show , Obama hates our Military . Cutting retired Veterans pay by 20% . Every years he has been in office he has cut our Military pay and Benefits . But he has given everyone in the Government pay Raises . Now he is going to take 20% of our Retirement pay . Many vets count on these benefits , The American People made all of us a promise . This promise should be honored .

  6. Bush needs to run on the democrat ticket as that's where he seems to stand on the issues. I like most everything about Walker except his stance on illegal immigration. Cruz would make a great President.

  7. It just
    gets weirder and weirder how we manage our foreign policy. Having this woman
    working at the NSC with her past work experience is akin to having a former
    staffer with AIPAC working as the director for Israel affairs at the NSC and
    just imagine how the liberals would blow a fuse on that one. You can't have it
    both ways. This woman was a staffer for the chief lobbying group for Iran and
    is now at the highest levels of government advising the US on its negotiating
    position with the very same country where she used to draw a paycheck. It's
    insane. And for the progressives out there, just imagine the cow you would have
    if Monsanto's former lobbyist was now working at the FDA or if BP's comms guy
    was now at the EPA. There is a good reason why we don't allow this sort of
    conflict to happen and it's happening now.

  8. LEE lee4m@yahoo.comApril 1, 2015 at 6:02 PM

    CRUZ can not be elected he is not aNATURAL BORN CITIZEN we have one in the WHITE HOUSE now and we don't need any more WAKE UP CRUZ get out NOW.

  9. LibsrlintlickersApril 1, 2015 at 6:26 PM

    I can only think of two words right now - F*CKING N*GGER!

  10. Hi Lee:

    As one of the first leaders in the conservative movement who raised the alarm over Mr. Obama's citizenship, I am hard-pressed to understand why so many people are under the strange impression that Mr. Cruz (on Mr. Rubio and Mr. Jindal for that matter) is not eligible? Perhaps we did not do a good enough job educating people on this issue these past five year.

    For the record, citizenship is derived by soil and by blood. Mr. Cruz's mother was a citizenship-at-birth who had spent 5 of the past 10 years since attaining the age of 14 in the United States. Under US Law at that time, that makes Mr. Cruz a citizen-at-birth. Citizenship at birth is Cruz's birthright and it can't be stripped from him simply because one of his parents was not a citizen at the time of his birth.

    The problem with Mr. Obama is that his father was a foreigner and his mother was not yet 19 when he was born. He has no claim to birthright citizenship (even Mr. Obama does not dispute that), which means Obama can only assert citizenship by being born on US Soil (in this case Hawaii), which he has not proved... a digitally altered "birth certificate" constitutes proof of nothing.

    Incidentally, that's precisely why people derisively call us "birthers" because Mr. Obama's only claim to citizenship-at-birth hinges on him being physically "born" in Hawaii.

    I'm not picking on you, but I felt it necessary to set the record straight, at least among those of us who are conservatives and people who actually place value in the the law and the Constitution because too many of us do not appear to understand the law.

  11. I like Cruz, if he is the choice, I will fight for him, However, Scott Walker has had administrative experience, taking a state with deep debt and turned it around to a surplus. Fought the Unions, Teacher for qualify education, clean up the corruption, cheats, & subhuman people of Wisc. The good people got behind Walker and real respect has return to Wisc. Just maybe he can do it for the U.S. I could see Cruz as a VP or AG or Secy of State. Ben Carson would make a good VP also. Obama has pretty much destroy the U.S. and Killary is no better than Obama, I believe the fools will vote Killary into office.

  12. I think Cruz would be a lot better than the Islamic terrorist moron we have now or the dyke Kilory Clinton the Benghazi murderer. We have no need for a demoncrap any longer. We have had enough of them to last us a life time now. The only way anyone of them would get back in, is if they just took it, which is what I am afraid that is what Osama has planned, he is going to declare Martial Law and take over as a dictator, because there isn't a demoncrap that anyone will trust anymore including the Islamic terrorist pig.

  13. Governors only please with the exception of Bush and Christi. Cruz is a good person but like Barry hasn't run anything. Only Gov's should be running for the highest office in the land. Please for the sake of American no more Senator presidents.

  14. Hey Paul I am totally with you.

  15. Cruz is off my list. He's is NOT eligible - and he knows it. I've researched this for many, many months now and no longer trust him for being dishonest. Although I like everything he says, I'd rather have a president who knows and follows our constitution and rules of laws than a smooth talker. We already have one of those.

  16. Ted's numbers will come up, just give him some time. Bush is a looser with his immigration comments, Scott Walker is a proven Governor, he and Ted may unite to be the ticket???

  17. Senator Cruz has been my uncontested choice from the very beginning, which will afford America with an open, honest, frank president! A President America can respect and trust !

    The current administration must go in it's entirety as they are all Muslims and anti American criminals!

  18. Brian ArtzbergerApril 4, 2015 at 8:22 AM

    Then choose Rick Perry. He won't win, but he is a governor and a decent choice.

  19. Brian ArtzbergerApril 4, 2015 at 8:24 AM

    Cruz is eligible by the US Constitution. He is a Natural born citizen by definition. Please stop spreading mis-information. Thank you.

  20. Brian ArtzbergerApril 4, 2015 at 8:26 AM

    Lee, you are in error. Ted Cruz is a Natural Born Citizen by definition from the US Constitution. Please stop spreading mis-information. Thank you.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche