Friday, April 24, 2015

Mitt Romney: Hillary Clinton Was 'Bribed'

American is for sale to the highest bidder and Hillary Clinton is the auctioneer. As Dana Carvey's Church Lady would say, "Isn't that just special" ...

(Daily Caller) During an appearance on "The Hugh Hewitt Show," former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said he was shocked by the newest allegations against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, saying "there was every appearance that Hillary Clinton was bribed."

"I assume you had the chance to read the Jo Becker, Mike McIntire piece today in The New York Times about the cash flowing to the Clinton Foundation went from the Russians as they got control of Uranium One," Hewitt began. "What was your reaction to this story?"

"Yeah, I’ve got to tell you, I was stunned by it," Romney replied. "I mean, it looks like bribery. I mean, there was every appearance that Hillary Clinton was bribed to grease the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium production to Russia."...

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