Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jeb Bush Love-Fest With Radical Obama Apparatchik

He loves her... he loves her not... he loves her... She's radical... she may be a radical leftist but apparently she's fine with Jeb Bush...

(Breitbart) Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) – all announced Republican presidential candidates – say they will vote against Loretta Lynch’s nomination for attorney general.

Cruz has long voiced his opposition to Lynch. He echoed his position Saturday in New Hampshire.

"My vote on Loretta Lynch is going to be unambiguously no. Unequivocal," said Cruz adding that he decided to oppose her following how she answered questions during the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing....

[But]... Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, also a likely Republican presidential candidate, also said he believes the Senate should affirm Lynch.

"I think that presidents have the right to pick their team," Bush said while in New Hampshire...

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  1. I love this Judge , maybe Obama will put her as a new supreme Justice .

  2. Just more proof that RINO's have become charter members of the fundamental transformation of America. It's easier to go along with the crowd then to stand up for what is right. Selling your soul to the devil is a dangerous proposition.



  5. Regarding the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be the next United States AG, candidate Jeb Bush said, “I think presidents have the right to pick their team…” That is such a ludicrous statement; and it just one more reason that Republicans should not nominate this Bush as the Republican standard bearer to be POTUS.

    Presidents absolutely have the right to nominate a “team member,” to fill an appointed position, but they have NO “right” to automatically have that person confirmed by the Senate. If they did, there would be no reason for the Founders to have given Congress the power of “advise and consent.”

    If he really believes that the U. S. AG should be part of the President's “team,” he has failed Constitution 101. Eric Holder was an Obama “team member/puppet;” but what America needs today is someone who will impose and enforce a Cease and Desist Order whenever anyone tries to exceed their constitutional authority or breach their Oath of Office.

    Loretta Lynch has testified that she, too, agrees that Obama has the authority to change/revise existing law via Executive Orders…that she’s just fine with NOT following the law. Give her a vote…and VOTE HER DOWN!!!!!

  6. And American have the right to pick their president, so get lost, Jeb, you RINO.

  7. "I think that presidents have the right to pick their team,"

    Yes, but that's a half truth. A president must select members of his team from among a pool of qualified candidates, as determined by the Senate. Is Mr. Obama so inept that he cannot find a person he likes who is also qualified and able to be confirmed by the Senate?

    The AG should never be a person who is ideologically slanted, such as Mr. Holder, who never should have been confirmed himself. And the AG should never, ever be a "community organizer" type of person. The ideal AG candidate should be very knowledgeable, ideologically neutral, and conservative. Mr. Obama should be able to find such a person who is acceptable to him. D'oh, what am I thinking !

  8. So sick of all these blaze spineless bastards. OMG.
    If Jeb Bush cares one single bit about this country, he would absolutely not enter the race. Which makes one think that there's a bad ass puppet master behind the elections ensuring that the powers that be get a useful idiot no matter what party is in power. Hillary is their bitch on the democratic side and Jeb is their bitch on the Rhino side. I hate to be so pessimistic but I doubt our votes will make any difference in this age of extreme corruption. We all need to pray for divine intervention; like having a sinkhole open up under the White House and Hillary and Jebs house.

  9. We freedom -loving Americans would like to believe we have some input into who represents us in Washington and especially in the White House. Upon reading "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group" by Daniel Estulin, I have learned that we of the laboring majority are but cannon fodder for the uber-rich and powerful. On a world-wide scale, they collaborate and manipulate behind locked doors to bring about the election of our leaders through media, politics, and financial influence. We, the sheeple, (Democrat or Republican) have really very little to say about the outcomes of elections unless we make enough noise and bring enough attention to the truth during the course of elections. Labeled as "wingnuts" by the major media and power brokers, we are sidelined or at least controversialized to the point of being shunned and ignored. Conspiracy theorist? Facts are what they are. Why do they need to dominate our thoughts and control us? Because we so vastly outnumber them and could easily overtake and defeat them given the necessary impetus. In order for them to maintain their dominance over us, they must keep us regulated and unarmed. The Founding Fathers understood this and created the greatest impediment to dictatorial control: the Constitution! We must hold our elected officials to their oaths of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution or be doomed to lose our precious freedom to self-govern.

  10. We need an attorney general like Elliot L. Richardson or Deputy Attorney General William D. Ruckelshaus who in 1973 chose resignation rather than violate their oath of office

  11. Clear distinction here between the PRO American candidate and the ANTI American one...guess which is which? ...HINT...lynch backs the illegal lawlessness of the mudslime in the white mosque.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche