Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hillary Planning To Buy Votes For $38 A Piece

If you're going to vote for her anyway, we suggest you call the campaign and collect your money...

(Washington Examiner) Hillary Rodham Clinton and her support groups are opening a massive fundraising effort to collect an historically-high $2.5 billion to win the White House, according to reports.

That amounts to $37.92 per vote in the general election for the Democrat, more than ever spent in a national campaign. The math is based on the votes received by President Obama in his reelection, 65,915,796.

Obama spent $1.1 billion, then a record, so Clinton's will be more than double.

The New York Times reported the total cost at $2.5 billion, prompting the anti-Clinton group America Rising to call the effort, "Clinton Inc.: A $2.5B Endeavor."...

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