Saturday, April 25, 2015

Glenn Beck: The GOP Fears You... Here's Why...

If you've ever sent a fax or made a telephone call to a Member of Congress, Glenn Beck just imparted some encouraging news from a "big name" source in Washington... apparently, your efforts are starting to bear major fruit...

(The Blaze) Glenn gave some hints from an important phone call he received before going on the air. While Glenn was unable to release any of the details about who called or exactly what it was about, he did share a snippet of content concerning the GOP. Courtesy of Glenn, we do know that there were "big names involved" and Glenn was "encouraged by who it came from."

Glenn did provide some of the message from the mystery caller, saying "Just please tell Glenn to continue to put the heat on. Because the party is split. And half of the party is like please, please, don’t stop."

"So I’m telling you right now, don’t stop." While we will have to settle for not getting the particulars of the call, it does beg to question, is the Republican party really torn and frightened? Are we finally putting pressure on the GOP to rid the party of progressives? ...

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