Sunday, April 5, 2015

Former Iraq Ambassador To US: Obama Withdrawing Troops From Iraq A 'Mistake'

The former Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S. and the United Nations said Thursday that it was a "mistake" for the U.S. to remove its combat troops from Iraq at the end of 2011 and leave a corrupt and disorganized Iraqi Security Force to defend the war-torn country against Islamic terrorists.

(CNS News) "I do believe it was a mistake in the following sense: I said it even when I was ambassador. Iraq did not have the instruments of air control, for example. They had no control over their air space," former Amb. Samir Sumaidaie replied when asked him if the power vacuum created by the troop withdrawal allowed terrorists belonging to the Islamic State to gain ground.

"Their armed forces were numerous – because everybody wanted to get a salary – but not organized," he added.

Besides a lack of military capability, the Iraqi Security Forces did not have the discipline necessary to defend the country or even contain corruption within its own ranks, he pointed out.

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