Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ex-Planned Parenthood Nurse: I Saw Staff Pour Body Parts of Aborted Babies Down the Drain

Indiana Right to Life urges the Indiana House Public Policy Committee to pass the SB 329, a bill regarding the disposal of aborted fetal remains. ...

(LifeNews) The bill requires the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) to adopt clear rules for how abortion facilities shall dispose of fetal remains. The House Public Policy Committee is expected to vote on SB 329 Thursday.

Today, the House Public Policy Committee heard testimony on the aborted fetal remains bill. Bill author, Sen. Liz Brown, presented the bill to the committee. The following is testimony, prepared for delivery, from Marianne Anderson, a former Indianapolis Planned Parenthood nurse, and Cathie Humbarger, Executive Director of Allen County Right to Life.

Marianne Anderson: "My name is Marianne Anderson and I am a nurse."

"I was an employee of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility located at 8590 Georgetown Road here in Indianapolis from 2010 – 2012. For part of that time I worked in the products of conception room. I often heard one doctor talk to the aborted baby while looking for all the parts. It is a customary procedure to make certain there are no baby body parts left inside the mother. He would say ‘Come on, little arm, I know you’re here! Now you stop hiding from me!’ It just made me sick to my stomach." ...

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