Sunday, April 12, 2015

Drought Ridden California Wasting Tons Of Water To Keep Fish Happy

Here's one for the We-Couldn't-Make-It-Up If-We-Tried department. California is facing a huge water shortage and is going to start imposing draconian fines on residents who are deemed to be using too much water, but the state is releasing tons of water to keep fish happy...

(WND) "We're now in the fourth year of the worst drought in the history of California," he [Rep. Tom McClintock] said. "Yet, Brown and the environmental left continue to release what little water remains behind our dams, not for essential human consumption but rather to adjust the water temperatures in the rivers so the fish are happy."

The congressman is working feverishly to pass House Resolution 1668, the Save Our Water Act. The bill would put an end to releasing massive amounts of water during a time of drought. Time is of the essence. Another major water release into the rivers is already scheduled.

"The Federal Bureau of Reclamation has ordered another pulse flow," he said. “These are massive releases of water, billions of gallons of water. If this order is allowed to stand, they will drain several of our major reservoirs before the end of the summer for the fish, which means there will be no water left for the human population."

But the issue gets even more maddening for McClintock. He said the biggest problem for the fish is not the drought but another government policy. ...

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