Saturday, April 18, 2015

Abortion Clinic Kicks Woman To The Curb After Abortion... In Massive Pain And Barely Able To Walk

Any real doctor would be charged with malpractice and perp-walked out of his medical facility, but when it comes to the killing of innocents, our government turns a blind eye...

(Life News) When abortionist Cheryl Chastine left South Wind Women’s Center, none of the pro-life activists on the street in the late afternoon of April 15, 2015, thought much about it – until they witnessed what happened next.

Mark Gietzen, Director of the Kansas Coalition for Life, noticed a wobbly Black woman slowly making her way across the parting lot with great effort. She couldn’t take more than "baby steps" and appeared to be in a great deal of pain.

By the time the woman reached the sidewalk, she was exhausted and barely able to stand. One of the female sidewalk counselors offered her help and allowed the woman to lean on her as she tried to recoup her strength. As the two spoke, it was confirmed that the woman, who was apparently from a foreign country, had received an abortion.

"It appeared that this woman should have still been in the recovery room, because she was having a hard time keeping her balance and she appeared to be in pain," said Gietzen ...

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