Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ted Cruz To Make Major Announcement On Monday

Ted Cruz's political operation appears to be strongly encouraging attendance by the media at an event in Lynchburg, Va., Monday for what’s being billed as "an important speech."

(Roll Call) Aides to the Texas Republican, who has been contemplating a run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, were tight-lipped Friday about the details of the visit to the campus of Liberty University, but the timing of the speech would be right for getting somewhat ahead of the curve on announcing a White House run, at least among senators.

Cruz has spoken previously at the private, Christian university in Virginia, delivering the convocation address in April 2014.

Cruz focused his remarks that day on a topic of significant interest to his audience, actions by the government that conservatives view as attacks on their religious liberty.

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  1. boehner, you are a real piece of deficient work. WE VOTED you guys in to accomplish want WE WANT ... NOT WHAT YOU WISH. do you get it?? WE PAY for you! now, start the impeachment procedure and learn what the vote tally is ... record names/state, then publicly publish for us to know he details. after we complete our part, you schedule to repeat the impeachment vote ahead of all other business scheduled and take a new vote ... again yielding the info that we need. when and your calling the votes reaches the require threshold, then o'b will be taken out in handcuffs for the next step. can you now get going ... time is very critical (even though you are apparently not aware of the urgency!!). txs, and let's us move to an eventual small initial victory. you will NOT ARRANGE yet for a swearing-in of biden (i will let you know when to announce to 'occasion). txs,

  2. If People let Ted Cruz run for President. Then it looks like what the Fore Father said that they only wanted Natural born to be President with no ties to another country. Remember Mitt Romney father George? He wanted to be President, but he was born in Mexico. Congress would not let him. Both of George Romney parents were US citizens That went to Mexico.
    So now with so many question to be President, it looks like what the Fore Fathers set up no longer means anything. We just make up the rules as we live in the Great Country of the USA.

  3. Being able to put four words together and being able to lecturing does
    not mean to be president from freshman senators. We had exact one,
    Obama, who ruined the country. It could not grow more than 2% annually
    while China grew at 8-10%. Cruz is an ultra right wing joke. Hopefully,
    he will not be able to win nomination. Enough is enough.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche