Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Leftists Media Unhinged... Compares Ted Cruz To Al-Jezeera

Here we go again. Unhinged leftists, who masquerade as members of the main stream media, are now comparing Senator Ted Cruz to Al-Jezeera because... get this... Cruz's campaign logo utilizes the outline of a flame? What's next? Will they now start comparing Lady Liberty to Al-Jezeera...

(Washington Post) Steven Greydanus, a film critic for National Catholic Register, notes a critique of Cruz’s new logo.

Graphic designers critique Ted Cruz’s campaign logo , saying it looks like a teardrop or a burning flag. Some also note similarities to al-Jezeera’s logo, among others.

This designer thinks they’re missing the likely influence: To me it looks like a Pentecost-y church logo. (I’m sure I’ve seen very similar church logos.)

Which means, yeah, it looks like a burning flag. Cruz is on fire, after all. Cruz, who is Southern Baptist, could also appeal to conservative Pentecostal voters who tend to vote along more conservative lines.

Depending on how you count, LifeWay Research’s Ed Stetzer writes, as many as half a billion Christians around the world are connected with traditions that teach that Christians have spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues and prophecy, including Pentecostals

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