Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ben Carson Speaks Out On Homosexuality

And the radical gay-rights lobby is not going to be too happy over what he said...

(WND) Being homosexual is "absolutely" a choice, said conservative rock star Ben Carson, pointing to the nation’s prison systems as partial proof.

"A lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight, and when they come out, they’re gay," he said in a Wednesday interview on CNN’s "New Day" with Chris Cuomo. "So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question."

That argument alone should “thwart” the idea that homosexuality isn’t a choice, he contended.

Carson just launched an exploratory committee for the possibility of making a White House run in 2016. Among his trademark character traits is a penchant for bluntness and telling the truth as he sees it.

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1 comment:

  1. Ben has not the slightest idea of what he speaks.
    Homosexuality is not a choice.

    The choice to suppress the homosexuality is a choice that can totally destroy a persons life.

    To suppress ones homosexuality is devastating, and often ends in either major psychiatric problems or suicide.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche