Sunday, February 8, 2015

ISIS: We're Bigger Than You Think

According to some recently uncovered intelligence documents, ISIS is much bigger and much stronger than the Obama Regime would have you believe. Recent estimates place their number as high as...

(WND) The Islamic State and its extremist allies currently boast an army estimated by Egypt to consist of about 180,000 Islamist fighters.

An Egyptian intelligence document, the contents of which were obtained by WND, warns that while the U.S. has been attempting to maintain a coalition to fight ISIS, the Islamic terrorist organization has itself been hard at work building a sustainable coalition of jihadist gunmen.

The 180,000 figure is six times greater than a CIA estimate from last September, which placed the number of ISIS fighters at between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters.

According to Egypt, ISIS has created an umbrella army with the Taliban, Al Shabab, Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, and local jihadist groups from Yemen, Mali, Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and the Egyptian Sinai.

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  1. The bummer knows how big isis has grown, after all, he is a sponsor.

  2. I have no reason to doubt what ISIS is saying. Obama's defense and state department say how much damage they are doing to ISIS with the bombing, yet these same departments keep saying how many fighters ISIS continue to have. If we are doing do much harm to them wouldn't they be getting smaller instead of larger and taking over more territory? The losers are going to be Americans under the age of 30 who, after ISIS, Al Quada and their allies make a major attack on the U.S. and more major attacks against our allies, will have to fight the war to preserve our liberties and freedoms. The congress, probably at the request of whoever is president then, will have to activate the draft to build the military back to a level to fight a multi- front war -- becuase our other enrmies when they think we are tied down in the Middle East will test our government -- you know those unknown enemies like North Korea, Red China, Russia, Al Quada in Yemen, Al Quada and its allies in Africa; do I have to name more, these enemies have been increasing their powers while our president, king Obsma, has been cutting ours. I hope that we do not have to fight this next war on American soil!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche