Monday, February 2, 2015

GOP Leaders Throw Pro-Life Movement Under The Bus

The article is a little "inside-baseball," but if you can get through it, you can understand exactly what is wrong with the GOP establishment...

(NRO) Blackburn’s explanations during the conference left some lawmakers confused about how the GOP women could have run the floor debate in 2013 only to scuttle the reintroduced bill on the eve of the 2015 March for Life, with hundreds of thousands of pro-life activists arriving in town.

Most lawmakers find the idea that some of the GOP women didn’t understand the reporting requirements last time around baffling. But at least one Republican says the requirements were just hard to find, with some of them hyperlinked in the amendment text rather than written out explicitly.

While that dovetails with the assertion of Ellmer's aide that the reporting requirements hadn’t been vetted, the same aide also said that Ellmers knew about the language and opposed it at the time. And the requirement language was obvious enough to tip off Democrats, who criticized it in floor speeches.

That fact alone makes it difficult for some Republicans and pro-life activists to believe that the GOP women were blindsided by Republican leaders.

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