Thursday, February 5, 2015

Former Immigration Official: Obama's Imperial Amnesty Will Overwhelm The System

And perhaps... that's exactly why Barack Obama is moving forward... full steam ahead.

(NRO) A former U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services official warned at a Senate hearing on Wednesday that President Obama’s executive actions on immigration may be too much for the agency to handle.

Politico reports that Luke Bellocchi, who served as a USCIS deputy ombudsman, told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that he expects the millions of new applications following the president’s deferred-deportation order will inundate the agency. Even with the expected hiring of 1,000 new employees to process the paperwork, he said it is “hard to imagine” that will be enough.

"This is the problem with trying to push through so many applications all at once without having proper resources," said Bellocchi.

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  1. More of his plan to destroy the US.

  2. It's time for our local police departments to do an "Obama" and start arresting illegals, let judges and prosecutors (who face election.) to let them go. Cause such a protest that it will bring the Supreme Court have to intervene. All the various police department have to say is they are enforcing the law of the land -- laws passed by congress and which cannot be over ridden by local and state law, as the SC has stated. With no other laws on the books, these must be enforced and the prople in violation arrested. Let the illegals rebell, they will show their true colors basively telling the US to go to hell. Of course some local departments will be going against some state legislatures, country and city councils, but somewhere there has to be some martyrs for freedom and enforcing the laws of our nation. If we drive dangerously on the freeway we will be stopped and go keyed, and if we are drunk we will be arrested, but be illegsl and right now the chances are good you will be let go -- police need to arrest the illegals too, they are in violation of the law, or in fairness let everyone go with just a watning! But fairness if not for citizens !


Posted By: Chris Carmouche