Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ted Cruz Takes Iowa By Storm

Of course, such a report will only come from the foreign media these days... "Love him or hate him, Ted Cruz is a powerful communicator. The Princeton graduate has a debating award named for him there. He worked without notes and hired hands followed his departure from the stage by re-erecting the omnipresent teleprompter. He was one of only a few speakers who asked for it to be moved out of the way."

(Daily Mail) Ted Cruz is running for president, unless he's engaged in a method-acting experiment to prepare for a movie role – as a senator who's running for president by channeling his preacher father.

At the Iowa Freedom Summit, the Texas Republican senator boomed a Reaganesque sermon complete with G-rated jokes, scripture references – 'You shall know them by their fruits – and an altar call of sorts.

'Text the word "Constitution",' he implored, to a specific number. It was an Obama-like organizing stroke that no one else at the Saturday conservative cattle call thought of.

But then no one else shouted with with consistency that occasional moments of normal volume were packed with whisper-like drama.

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