Sunday, January 18, 2015

Conservative Media Pundits Tell Romney To Take A Hike

Conservatives in the news media are giving 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney the cold shoulder.

(Washington Examiner) After news broke last week that Romney, the former Republican presidential nominee, is considering a third run for the White House, response from conservative writers and TV pundits, many of whom championed Romney in 2012, was anything but enthusiastic.

On Wednesday, News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch, whose media empire includes the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Fox News and Fox Business News, reportedly dubbed Romney "a terrible candidate."

Before the 2012 election, conservative columnist George Will put his name on a landslide prediction for Romney. He was wrong and apparently doesn't want to be put in the position of making that prediction again.

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  1. Romney is another RINO who threw the election the first time when he failed to stand on conservative ground during the 2nd and 3rd debate. He was a real let down. Jeb Bush is no better either.

  2. romney blows, I wont vote for him & I'll encourage my family to stand with me. He's as much of a RINO as john boner and the rest of the traitors. We're tired of being spoon fed the next traitor, I'll vote libratarian or constitution party, to he11 with these RINOS. About as bad as Vicky Hartzler in missouri, voting to support the oval office traitor's amnesty funding

  3. I usually support the one that the liberal media bad mouths the most, that means they are afraid of him / her.

  4. Think you all better think again!! The only reason he didn't win was because of all the ILLEGAL VOTING - people voting 3-12 times each and dead people voting. How do you stop that kind of utter nonsense and visible out and out cheating!!!!

    1. He would have won if 8 million stayed home because he wasn't Conservative enough for them. If Ben Carson runs, I will vote for him. The most sensible man I've heard in almost forever. Plus he has no baggage for the skeletons to worry about.

    2. He did not throw the vote, but he wanted to run a clean campaign and that didn't work with Obama. He ran a dirty campaign. Then you put on top of that the illegal voting. In one state so many people wanted to see Mitt that they filled the whole mountain top outside of town, yet when the election came along he lost in the state. It made no sense. Also he was thrown off in the last debate by the lady who told Mitt he was wrong. Then she corrected herself and said he was right. It unnerved him. He also focused too much on the bad things Obama was doing and the mistakes that were made instead of all the good he was going to do. It is like Reagan the first time he ran focused on Barry Goldwater and how he was bad for the country. The second time he focused on cutting taxes and creating jobs and just how he was going to do that. He promised to work closely with the Congress. He needs tell everyone about his company. How he takes broken companies and makes them prosperous again for a stake in the company. He may ask for a 5% stake in the company or a 10% stake. If your business was failing wouldn't that be worth it to you to have someone come in and save your business? It is good for the economy. He loves what he does. He doesn't need the money. He loves God and just wants to get America back on her feet and prosperous again. Why is that wrong? I would like Dick Morris to help Mitt. If he does Mitt is a shoe in.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche