Friday, December 19, 2014

Study Finds Link Between Pornography And Declining Marriage Rates

Mothers across the nation used to tell their daughters: "Why buy the cow when the milk is free." Now this study shows the wisdom in that old adage...

(WCJ) In a new study from The Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn, Germany, titled “Are Pornography and Marriage Substitutes for Young Men?”, researchers found that the consumption of pornography leads to declining marriage rates.

Researchers Michael Malcolm of West Chester University of Pennsylvania and George Naufal of Timberlake Consultants and IZA analyzed data from 1,512 surveys completed by American men aged 18-35 between 2000-2004. What they found is that pornography makes marriage unappealing to men as they can find "low-cost sexual gratification" outside of it.

"Traditionally," the report says, "one of the reasons to enter into a marriage was sexual gratification. But as options for sexual gratification outside of marriage have grown, the need for a marriage to serve this function is diminishing." Pornography, as well as the acceptance and prevalence of premarital sex, mean that men can appease their sexual desires without entering into a marriage first.

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  1. "Why buy a cow, when the milk is free?" My mother couldn't have ever advised that, though she might have referred to it jokingly, when bemoaning the sagging moral standards of the fifties and beyond. I remember that piece, and believe it came from an older brother, or perhaps a fraternity brother. The true cause for lagging marriage is the commercialization of sex, and the glamorizing of physical attraction over friendship. My first marriage filed when it became clear that my wife wasn't my friend, but rather my sorcerer, or harpy, perhaps. When I met my last wife in 1969, I discovered a woman who was a friend, first, and a lover after that. Her loyalty to me through thick and thin made it the greatest gift in my life, until leukemia took her to her next assignment. I am eternally grateful for this gift. Amen.

  2. Where is the fear of the Lord ?


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