Friday, December 19, 2014

Rand Paul Takes Another Ride On The Loony Train

Once again, Rand Paul finds himself on the wrong side of sanity and proves why he's the Democrat's favorite "conservative," but we suspect his lunatic rants aren't going to buy him any liberal votes should he run for President.

(The Hill) Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) again finds himself at odds with many in the GOP on foreign policy, after he came out in support of the Obama administration’s move to normalize relations with Cuba.

"It’s not surprising," one Republican strategist told The Hill. "Once again he has found a way to be even more liberal than Obama on foreign policy. That’s hard to do because there’s only about a dime’s room of space between the two of them, but he always find a way to get into it."

By fueling his isolationist image, Paul has set himself up for what will likely be a bruising battle on international issues with other GOP contenders in the primaries if he chooses to run for president.

"The road to hell is paved with isolationist intentions," said Rick Wilson, a Florida Republican strategist. "He was already viewed with suspicion, not just by the donor class, but by the part of the party that believes in strong national security and promoting American values abroad, and now he’s behind throwing a lifeline to a communist dictator."

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  1. I stopped supporting him when mcconnell endorsed him

  2. I'm voting for Cruz Missile!

  3. So far it looks like Ted Cruz gets my vote.

    1. Unfortunately, under the Constitution and four Supreme Court rulings, Ted Cruz, like Obama, is not a natural born citizen. The four rulings define a natural born citizen as a citizen who is born to parents who themselves were citizens at the time of his/her birth. Ted Cruz's father was not a citizen at the time of his birth. (and, Obama's father was never a citizen) Much as we may like him, we either choose between the Constitution or saying the Constitution doesn't matter. (like Obama does).

  4. How many years have we had sanctions on Cuba? And what has it accomplished? It just gives the Castro brothers a great excuse to tell the population as to why they country is so F***'ed up - blame America. Without that excuse they would have been out decades ago. We had normalized relations with the Soviet Union and now Communist China, for God sake. I really hate agreeing with Obama on anything, but, as they say: Even a blind squirrel...


Posted By: Chris Carmouche