Monday, December 15, 2014

Illegal Aliens Flock To "Amnesty Workshops" From Coast To Coast

The floodgates are now open and it seems that hordes of illegal aliens got the memo.

(Breitbart) From coast to coast, illegal immigrants are reportedly flocking to community centers, churches, and Islamic centers to see if they will qualify for President Barack Obama's executive amnesty.

According to an Associated Press report, recent workshops for illegal immigrants have been held "at a high school in Knoxville, Tennessee, a church in Goshen, Indiana, and an Islamic Center in New York City." In addition, events have been held throughout California and Seattle.

As many as 10,000 illegal immigrants could show up to an event at Los Angeles's convention center on Sunday.

Eben Cathey of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition told the outlet that "every time we do an information session, it is full."

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  1. Hey Eight Billion fellow earthlings. If you can get here, You and your entire family can stay here. We have free education, food stamps, health insurance, subsidized housing Except of course those of European ancestry.

  2. what makes this so bad,Obama did not sign his Executive Oder.He just done it by mouth.That way the Republicans could not sue him.Check this out for yourselves,for no one has called him on it.

    1. Why has no one did anything about it,if he did not sign anything?

    2. He didn't sign it. He wrote a memo directing what was to be done but not an order. No one wants to be the one to do anything because they don't want to be labeled racist. They are scared of losing the ILLEGAL, illegal votes. Democrats want the new democratic voter registrations and Republicans want the cheaper labor cost. More people applying for a job means they can pay less to the one they give it to. Screw the American citizen and make yourself happy is the typical political candidate policy.

  3. Obummer is so happy he's doing a jig (pun intended).


Posted By: Chris Carmouche