Monday, November 3, 2014

[Video] Undercover Video Exposes Even More Possible Voter Fraud

Here's yet another video from Project Veritas' James O'Keefe. You won't believe your eyes. Just don't try this at home boys and girls.


  1. I live in NC, I always show my drivers license. Up to this year they always looked at me as if I were some sort of idiot & just handed it back. This year the young lady at least looked at it & said even though I didn't need it, it made her job easier. We should have nation wide voter ID, this would at least stop some of the voter fraud.

    1. "Given that in the last congressional election democratic candidates for the house of representatives outpolled republicans by 1.4 million votes, the greatest distortion of our electoral process is gerrymandering of congressional districts by largely republican state legislatures. Voter supression laws, again largely in republican controlled states, undoubtedly have a far greater effect on election outcomes than a few hundred fraudulent votes." A Useful Idiot


      Arizona Attorney General campaign ad:

      and, from NPR, a bastion of right-wing extremism:
      NPR reports:
      "A new report by the Pew Center on the States finds that more than 1.8 million dead people are currently registered to vote. And 24 million registrations are either invalid or inaccurate... The Pew study found that almost 3 million people are registered to vote in more than one state...
      Voters also die, which leads to another problem, says Linda Lamone, who runs Maryland's elections.

      "If a John Smith lives in Maryland and goes to another state, say on vacation, and dies," Lamone said, "the law of the state where John Smith dies dictates whether or not the Maryland vital statistics people can share that information with me."

      And even when they do — or if a person dies in-state — there's often a delay before election officials are alerted..."


      Response by SANDY KRAMER

      Dear useful Idiot:
      I agree that gerrymandering is a problem which is and should be addressed, within appropriate forums. But whatever else it may do, gerrymandering does not alter the fundamental underlying principle of "one man, one vote" which, in my opinion, is sacrosanct. Whether overall polling reflects a Democrat or Republcan advantage is totally irrelevant. Congressional elections are governed by federal and state law. The outcomes are not determined by national aggregate partisan vote counts, but by votes cast by district. Several elections have been decided by what you disparagingly refer to as "a few hundred fraudulent votes". Similar comments have been made vis-a-vis the "fairness" of the electoral college. If this sticks in your craw, amend the Constitution; change your state's electoral laws. Restriction of electoral fraud is meritorious regardless of its ultimate impact on individual election outcome. Vote tampering is insidious and threatens the very heart of our representative form of government. It must not to be condoned. I can only wonder, if the particulars of ballot harvesting had been changed to reflect the involvement of a Tea Party group: Would your response have been the same? I can assure you that my outrage at what is happening would not be tailored to reflect my partisan involvement. Why bother to hold elections if the veracity of the outcome is in question? The money which could be saved by executive orders and appointments in lieu of elections could be well spent on other matters, could it not? Is your concern with these matters one of principle, or are there Machiavellian dimensions of power and control at work here?

      (Dr.) Sandy Kramer

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