Friday, November 7, 2014

[Video] Judge Andrew Napolitano: Barack 'Obama A Candidate For Impeachment'

Add Judge Andrew Napolitano to the list of people who are dropping the "i-word" on Barack Hussein Obama.


  1. The proposal to impeach is just "red meat" for the insane base.
    It may get done in the house, but it falls far short of the 67 needed in the senate.

    This is just another insane side show for the insane teatard retard base. A total waste of time and money by the right wing teatard retards.

  2. If there was ever a POTUS who deserved impeachment its B.O. He is a dispicable liar who is not qualified to run a lemonaide stand. Impeachment will not happen with the liberal jerks in the Senate, but it does not mean that it shouldn't.

  3. Impeachment is a good start! Then prosecute


Posted By: Chris Carmouche