Friday, November 14, 2014

United Nations Butts Its Nose In Ferguson

The butchers and bullies at the UN apparently can't find real "human rights violations" to pursue and they're apparently eyeing Ferguson, Missouri as they look for an issue to champion.

(Inquistr) Ferguson residents traveled to meet with a United Nations committee in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss the Michael Brown shooting on Monday. The coalition of 10 Missourians included the parents of Mike Brown. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brown’s mom, Lesley McSpadden, is facing criminal charges over a physical altercation which allegedly occurred between her and the Ferguson teen’s grandmother. The grandmother was allegedly beaten by McSpadden during an incident related to the selling of Mike Brown shooting T-shirts.

The United Nations Committee Against Torture group met with Lesley McSpadden and others to discuss the Michael Brown shooting as rumors that a decision by the Darren Wilson grand jury is imminent continue to circulate.

Mike Brown’s parents testified before the U.N. committee on Tuesday. Today members of the United Nations committee plan to ask questions regarding the testimony of the Brown’s. Benjamin Cupp, the attorney for the Michael Brown family, said that the question and answer session which begins today is simply a part of the overall United Nations process. Members of the committee reportedly plan to question United States officials about the “accountability of police for excessive use of force, cutting back on giving military equipment of police, and creating the end to racial profiling” among other topics.

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  1. They were given a request to stick their nose into Fergeson by the thug parents of the thug that died a thugs death. They have no authority to do anything here in America. Besides you can't arrest a cop who was doing his job by the book.

  2. We have known for years that the UN is doing it's best to establish a one world government. The USA should get out of the UN, get the UN completely out of America, sell the UN building (that American tax payers built) to the highest bidder.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche