Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Obama To Issue Dictatorial Decrees On 'Climate Change'

The American people have repeatedly denied him so-called "Cap-n-Trade" (which is nothing more than an attempt to cripple the industrial base of the United States, bankrupt businesses and cost American jobs) so Barack Obama, in addition to a dictatorial amnesty decree, is planning to issue another on "climate change." Of course, the fact that most Americans know that so-called "global warming" is a farce of a theory makes no difference to "The Anointed One" ....

(WCJ) For some time now — but especially since the Republican sweep in the midterm elections — it’s been expected that President Obama would spark Capitol Hill conflict rather than cooperation by doubling down on his promise to fundamentally change America’s immigration policies through unilateral, executive action.

A GOP Senate aide says that, in response to the wave election for Republicans, Obama is preparing to inundate Congress and the American people with a wave of executive orders on amnesty.

But the anticipated fury of signings by Barack Obama using his vaunted executive pen will apparently not be limited to amnesty orders that abruptly change the legal status of many millions of immigrants currently in the country illegally.

On top of this concerted amnesty push that threatens to overwhelm the system, another wave is about to crest — a sweeping list of rapid-fire executive actions that Politico calls "the coming climate onslaught."

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  1. First, why did none of the right wing say anything when Baby Bush was putting out executive orders like his pen was a machine gun.

    Obama is just doing the job that the congress (mainly the republicans and teatards) will not do. Get over it, and quit crying.

    1. You're mentality challenged Huh...

    2. Like the Baby Bush machine gun pen comment.
      You are exactly right.
      Also Daddy Bush and Reagan were executive order maniacs as well.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche