Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Obama Attorney General Nominee: Voter ID Laws Are Racist

Just in case you were still wondering whether or not Barack Obama's nominee to replace Eric Holder is a hard-core radical, these comments should remove all doubt.

(Daily Caller) President Obama’s Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch said that voter ID laws are meant to reverse Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s accomplishments and promised that DOJ lawsuits against “Deep South” states with voter ID laws will continue.

Lynch was nominated two days after President Obama’s post-midterm election White House meeting with Al Sharpton, who previously revealed that he was working with the White House on choosing Holder’s replacement. Lynch was a U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn and prosecutor on the Abner Louima assault case against New York police officers. Lynch met with Sharpton and the wife of a man allegedly brutalized by police officers, in her Brooklyn office on August 21.

In a speech in Long Beach, New York captured on video about nine months ago, Lynch stated that voter ID laws are intended to “take back” what Dr. King fought for, and vowed that DOJ lawsuits against “Deep South” states will continue.

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  1. Oh God, here we go again. What ever happened to honest person that will do right by the American people. Why do we have to have the bottom of the barrel who are out to screw us?

  2. So what is she saying, that black people are too stupid to get an ID card? Holder and Obama think so or they wouldn't call this racist. If I were black I'd camp out on the Whitehouse lawn and demand an ID card, and demand that ID's be required to vote.
    But nobody who is called a minority is pissed. WHY


Posted By: Chris Carmouche