Monday, November 10, 2014

Leftist Groups Send Obama A Laundry List Of Executive Action Demands

Obama's tyrannical amnesty decree is not the only dictatorial action that's on Barack Obama's list. With only two years to go, his allies are pushing to complete the fundamental transformation of this country, and unless Congress stops him, he will succeed.

(Washington Examiner) Dozens of liberal-leaning groups are lining up to demand President Obama take executive action on a wide range of regulations and reforms that have no chance of passing a Republican-led Congress next year.

For some groups, the lists are long and specific: A call by the Center for Progressive Reform to implement stricter smog rules, tougher food safety regulations and expanded federal oversight of streams and wetlands.

Dozens of Hispanic organizations, meanwhile, joined together a day after the election to demand in writing that Obama take executive action to legalize millions of immigrants now living in the United States.

Other groups are suddenly asking for new executive action to further raise the minimum wage and implement other workplace requirements aimed at raising the standard of living for low-wage workers.

A coalition of liberal lawmakers and advocacy groups on Monday plans to announce a "To-Do List" for Obama, which includes raising a $10.10 federal minimum wage that would be implemented in January.

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  1. These groups should ask what means to be an American Citizen and have the right to live the ey we want. They get upset when conservatives fight abortions and Homosexual marriage, yet their list are three times as long and more restraining of freedom and liberty. And ask Paco why he doesn't ask for job training programs that woud live his friends out of lw laying job to job with "a living wage." I would be ashamed to admit that the only way I could get a raise would be when they raise the minimum wage and not because I got good job training and worked to advance myself in my chosen chosen occupation. In the career I followed I received very good training, occasionally refresher training and management training, and was able to work my way up in to a good salery and position, and retired with a decent livable retirement after 35 years. And these leftist would rather give up their liberty and freedoms in favor of deep controlling regulation that take away msny of our freedoms and depresses waged and jobs. And they think their left leaning anti-American President will honor their request. They woud rather have the Presudent act like a king/dictator than going through the democratic progress of working with Congress to pass logical fair laws. I hope that the Supreme Court is listening and will act if he tries some of this -- but then 4 and 1/2 of the justices probsbly feels the same way and will contribute to the undermining of our Republic........


Posted By: Chris Carmouche